Sagami School mainline

The Brilliant swordsmiths. The founders and icons of the Sōshū tradition.

The main mystery of the emergence of the Sōshū-den is that, at the first glance, it arose from nowhere. Is that so? Probably, the swordsmiths, called the ancestors and founders of the brightest school in the history of swordsmithing art in Japan, are artificial intersperses in the genealogy line of the Sōshū-den. There are many theories about the history of the emergence and development of the Sagami school. One of them is the theory that the Sōshū-den is a natural continuation of the numerous Mōgusa (舞草) School that existed in Kamakura from the beginning of the 1200s. Only a study of the the creation activity Sōshū-den masters can open the veil of secrecy and provide answers to some of the questions posed.