Submit a sword for exhibit: everyone collector will be encouraged to present Sōshū-related works for short or long term exhibition in the halls of our museum following our common rules. 

Terms and conditions

  • The Items that were papered at the level of Jūyō or above are strongly preferred.
  • The sword must be accompanied by high resolution quality photos made under the common standards presented in our museum.
  • Each certification paper accompanied with the sword must be translated in English.
  • We will allow preferences to the owners and will guarantee confidentiality if it is necessary. 
  • At least one image of the whole blade is required. For daito, it is best to also include at least one macro image detailing the work, as well as one with the signature (if signed).

By submitting your item to be considered for publication and exhibition in SōshūDen-museum you attest all of the following to be true:

  • You are the sole copyright owner of each and every image submitted. 
  • You give permission to SōshūDen-museum and its associates to review the images submitted, and if the item is accepted, to publish the said images on Sōshū-den Museum website.
  • You give permission to SōshūDen-museum and its associates to edit the submitted images. Such editing generally consists, but is not limited to, of resizing and changing exposure so that the images adhere to the standards of SōshūDen-museum.

[adding files one after another is not allowed, in order to attach more then one file please move it to separate folder and mark its all together]

Jūyō Tōken Hoki Kami Taira Ason Masayuki

Hōki no Kami Masayuki (伯耆守正幸) was one of the best Satsuma (薩摩) smiths during the late Edo period. Masayuki’s forging technique was superior for this time period. Such was the fame of the Satsuma smiths that mature smiths such as Terunoshin Motonaga (Owari province) and Yokoyama Sukehira (Bizen province) come to Satsuma to study Sōshū-Den from them.
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