In the process of studying swordsmithing art of ancient Japan, enthusiasts may be faced with many difficulties, one of which is the need to get acquainted in person with the highest quality genuine examples of the swordsmiths art. 

Due to rarity of the Sōshū School master’s works, such an acquaintance is often possible only in museums located in Japan. It is very difficult for an enthusiast to allocate enough time for his hobby, especially if it is associated with frequent trips to another country. 

It is our wish to exhibit the individual works of the best Soshu masters in order to provide an opportunity for anyone who is interested in the art of the Japanese sword. 

In addition, the use of a virtual platform has a number of undeniable advantages, compared with a museum, which we tried to exploit and which we will certainly develop. Of course, there is nothing better than inspecting the sword in your own hands, but when visiting the virtual halls of our museum, it is possible that you will find the highest-level works and their history, which is very difficult to observe in reality. The main focus will be on the exposition of works from private collections, accompanied by high-quality photos and their provenance.


                 Dmitry Pechalov