Hasabe Kunishige


Hasebe Kunishige (長谷部国重), Kenmu (建武, 1334-1338), Yamashiro, born the first name „Hasebe Chōbei“ (長谷部長兵衛), it is said that he came originally from Yamato province where his ancestors lived in Nara ́s Hatsuse (初瀬), another theory says that he was the son of Senjū ́in Shigenobu (千手院重信), he moved to Kamakura to study as late disciple under Shintōgo Kunimitsu (新藤五国光) before he finally settled in Kyōto/Yamashiro, this is supported by the transmission that Kunimitsu born the family name „Hasebe“ too, it is said that Kunishige was the son of Shintōgo Kunimitsu. Kinai (畿内), jōjō-saku.